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FINAL STAIR officially released their third single ‘Dreamhunter’!

by Natas Dog

Dreamhunter‘ tells a personal story of the band and is one of the most emotional songs whose story most of us have already lived through. The song also reflects the most painful phase in the history of FINAL STAIR.

We all strive for success, recognition, happiness and satisfaction. But sometimes the associated pressure – whether from colleagues, friends, family or social media – leads to an almost hopeless impasse. You wake up drenched in sweat in the morning because the hunt for your dream does not solve your problems, because your creativity has evaporated overnight in the star fog. Your stomach will cramp at the disproportionate number of followers of some bloggers or influencers to whom the internet community pays homage. In this light you feel small and insignificant and that paralyzes all abilities that make you an artist, friend or person.

That is why ‘Dreamhunter‘ is perceived as a release from creative rigidity: What do real values ​​mean for each individual? How do you measure happiness and how many servings do I need? What are emotions worth in an increasingly cold and technological world? FINAL STAIR has no universal answers to these questions either, but just thinking about them can be a saving bridge between fiction, claim and reality. As a band, FINAL STAIR want to keep chasing their dreams and encourage others to do so – but not at any price.

FINAL STAIR transform personal low points into creative high points and ‘Dreamhunter‘ is a result that can be heard with enthusiasm and seen with excitement in the music video.

Photo by Denise van Deesen

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