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FAR BEYOND EMPIRE launches new version of the clip of “FINDING SINS”

by Metal Jacket

The band FAR BEYOND EMPIRE, one of the greatest revelations of Modern/Death Metal from Rio, released an unprecedented version of the music video “FINDING FINDING SINS”, success of the debut album“SLEEPWALKING SOCIETY”. The new cut brings novelties as a greater presence of dancer Tatiane Lima, who performs beautiful movements following the weight and aggressiveness of the melodies.

The music “FINDING FINDING SINS” is the penultimate of the tracklist of the band’s debut album “SLEEPWALKING SOCIETY”, launched in 2021 and full of social and political criticism. Throughout the 10 brutal compositions, there are instant successes like “WHO WATCHES THE WATCHER”, “SCARECROW” and “CAPITAL“.”

About the new version of the clip of “FINDING FINDING SINS”, the vocalistHUGO PURCINOgives details: “We couldn’t be more happy with the result of this new version of ‘FINDING FINDING SINS’All The previous version was already killer and now we gave more room for the takes in which our dancer Tatiane Lima shines. The result was something even more magnifiedr”, celebratesHUGO PURCINO.

On the release of “SLEEPWAKLING SOCIETY”, the guitaristMARCELO FISHY FISHYexplains that the idea behind the work is to talk about “unwanted matters” that “incomplain in general.”

“We are very happy with the release of ‘SLEEPWALKING SOCIETY’All We have a political and psychological approach and we talk in our lyrics about points that bother in general. Generally, people don’t like to think about these ‘undesirable’ subjects. Our lyrics talk just about this kind of thing, exactly because this thing of not talking about problems is the worst we can do in the social and political context in which Brazil finds itself”, says the guitarist MARCELO FISHY FISHY.

Still about the messages that the FAR BEYOND EMPIRE want to pass on “SLEEPWALKING SOCIETY”, the drummer RAULL FONTANELLE gives more explanations: “The cover of our disc already shows an image that reflects our positioning. Prisons and bars represent our society that segregates a lot, based on prejudices. We are inserted in a sea of suffering and numb by our egos, always taking selfies. We limit our horizons when using mobile phone all the time. Everything around us is on fire, but we live as if none of this is happening,”.

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