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FALLEN ARISE interview: If the music speaks to the people, who cares about how many names has…

by Vjeran

When we started Metal Jacket Magazine, we wanted to somehow bring our readers closer to bands that might have a harder time breaking through to listeners in the sea of ​bands and music.

To begin with, it would be best if you introduced yourself.
Hello, my name is Gus and I am a musician. My role in Fallen Arise is to play the keyboard and i m also composing songs.

Is it hard to keep all the members together since this music has no income?
Yes, especially if your main goal is the income.There is something deeper than money that needs in order to stay as a team together and not to be splitted, not only in metal music, but in music in general. You can call it passion, love to the music, patience, persistence…

How do you finance yourself and can you cover the costs of recording, equipment, concerts with music?
I m working, like all the people and save part of my total earnings for the needs of the band, whatever they are.

What made you start playing metal music? Who were your role models in the beginning and has that changed over time?
I started normally, just to play music. My relationship with rock music started when I was 17. At that time everyone had a band that playing together after school and since I was the only man playing keyboards it was easy to play here and there. As for the role models, I never had. I’ve been stuck with many genres of metal over the years but never with an artist, so i don’t have idols or anything like that.

Is it hard to find a publisher or is it better to self publish considering the internet?
I have no answer on that I m afraid, since i always was under the roof of a record label and on this I think that I was lucky enough to have good partners. Maybe an artist that did both things could answer properly…

What have you published so far?
One Ep called “Eternal” and three Lp’s,”Ethereal”, “Adeline” and “Enigma”.

How do you create songs, how do you record them?
To be honset I don’t have a formula and for sure I’m a guy of what we call daily routine. I usually write ideas, could be a theme or a riff and then I start to build on this. I record my songs in my studio, just to have a first script and then along with my partners I work on them to make them as good as possible.

Where do you get inspiration for the lyrics?
I have many years to write lyrics, because I choose to focus on music. Of course if I have somethng to say I will. The last song that I wrote and Fiona helped me a litte bit with the lyrics was Horizon, from Enigma. It talks about the circle of life.

What is your favorite song you’ve made so far and why?
I think is “Forever Winter“. I like the whole result of this song, the melody, the orchestral part and the rythm.

Where can readers listen to you and maybe buy your material?
I recommend you to visit our official site and store at fallenariseofficial.com.

How do you organize concerts, is it difficult for you and how many people come to such concerts?
We are very lucky to have a great team that manages all those things. Our booking agency is Split Screen Management and our manager Dimitris Kazantzis do a great job and we are very pleased to work with them.

In which countries have you played and where did you have the best time, where is the crowd the craziest?
We have played mostly in Europe like Germany, United Kingdom, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Romania, Czech Republic, Malta, Russia and Greece of course.

What do you think about the digital release and is it serious like CD or LP?
I have no problem with any format, I think that those issues are just a matter of taste. Some listeners prefer cd’s or vinyls or those digital platforms, there is no right or wrong, so…all good.

Was metal music more honest than today?
It depends on the case we are examining each time. Music is an art and at the same time a marketable product. As an art I think is as honest as the artist is, but as a marketable product, I guess both answers are correct.

How do you comment on this bunch of sub-genres in metal and is it good for metal or is it destroying it?
I have no any special commnet because I was never really into this type of debates and I think are pointless. My main focus was and still is in music. If the music speaks to the people, who cares about how many names has…

Do you support this commercialization of metal music and how about the wearing of metal t-shirts by some “exposed” people who do not belong to this philosophy of metal music?
Well, we live in a free world (as far as i know), so everyone can wear anything as long as it doesn’t affect sensitive subjects.

What would you change in the world of metal and would you like to go back to the time before the internet if you remember it at all?
I prefer to stay here and trying to change me, being better day by day.

How important is supporting the local scene and can you single out a band from your area that you would recommend to our readers?
Even they don’t need my recomnendation, I could easily say a band called Rotting Christ.

How do you see this situation in the world and how do you think it will develop? Will they imprison us again, scare us or maybe send us into a big war?
I really don’t know, I just hope for a better tomorrow. But keep in mind that a better tomorrow needs to stand up and do something today. Being a keyboard warrior is not helping anyone.

Finally, what would you say to our readers and why should they listen to you in the sea of bands that are offered to them every day?
I can’t find any reason for you to listen to us but I hope you find a reason to listen to us often. This is the greatest gift for an artist. I wish you health, peace and happiness.

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