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Fall of Summer festivals 3rd edition coming up in September

by Metal Jacket

Preuzeto sa služene FB straniceThird edition of Fall of summer is coming up, first weekend in September is the time for the french festival for those who like a little bit more underground, the ones that think Hellfest, Wacken and Graspop festival are a bit to huge. Perhaps even for those who dont like the crowd of 10000 people on the headlining act. Fall of the summer is for the crowd, the metalheads, that like not to look at the top of the billboard but more looking downwards and finding the bands that been there for a long time, the bands that are something but not in the commercial daily news.

The initiative taker Jessica Rozanes with a crew is going around France and visiting towns and metalheads for them to ask questions about the festival straight to the person in charge for direct answers. I were in Rouen 15th of July which lead me to the opportunity to get some answers of the festival, the festival that cought my eye but i never visited, still the festival i heard so much fun storys about.

preuzeto sa www.fallofsummer.fr

My main questions to Jessica Rozanes was for starters, why? Which always is a good questions i think. Its not about what i want to know it is about the big WHY?, I think.

The answer was simple, and easy, according to me..

-France doesnt have a festival for the underground metal.

And without her perhaps saying it, I can imagine it is rather cool and awesome to produce a festival as you want, as you like it, and to be the creator of something that people really want, need and hopefully cherish and care about.

We got to talk a little bit of the line-up for this year, and my question (without me knowing so much of the festival at all) was “Why this line up, why this headlining acts?” She answered me “its not about whats on top of the bill its whats in the bottom half”.

This years edition of Fall of summer festival having headlining acts such as Satyricon, which doing a festival-tour around Europe this year and this tour is a tribute for the album “Nemesis divina”-album.Fall of Summer, metal jacket magazine There is more to it though, headliners of Fall of summer 2016 is as well the Viking-death metal band Unleashed from Sweden. Blackmetal band Samael from Switzerland, The gothic- metal band Paradise lost….

“Still in the talk with Jessica she keeps on mentioning bands from the downward half of the poster we are looking at. She starts to talk about the band from England that is from the late 70’s, Grim Reaper. Myself i had never heard of them , but she was very proud to have this in the billing. She want the small underground festival as a supplement to the metalheads that are bored with the bigger fests..”

GrimReaper has there glory days during the 80’s but unfortunately they are one of the many bands that suffer split-ups and and never really could retain there “fame” in the metal scene. But now they are back to redeim their part of the metalscene.

But this is a festival, a festival contains so much more than just the bands. Some festival of course are a few big stages on a big field . Some of them have Beautiful scenery with clear-blue water, a fortress or why not at a small lake and out the stage on a sandy beach, like Fall of summer.

But to talk about what bands are and what bands are not is not the best way to present a festival. You know what you want and what you like already. The scenary of a festival is always something that can change for a vistior of a European festival visitor.

Try checking out www.fallofsummer.fr and have a look if this is something for you.

Thanks to Jessica Rozanes to take time with me, and Metal Jacket Magazine.

Written by: Rickard Olkerud

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