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Exumer launched new single “Raptor”

by Ivona Bogner

On April 5th, legendary multinational thrash metallers Exumer will release their fifth full-length, “Hostile Defiance”, via Metal Blade Records.

“Hostile Defiance” is exactly what its title suggests. A 42-minute full on attack, the thrash faction hold nothing back as they unleash hell as only they can, yet with more variety and dynamics than ever before.

Vocalist Mem Von Stein states:

We wanted to sonically progress, incorporating more melodic elements in the music as well as more rhythmic variety. We are a lot braver trying to create an up to date and relevant sound that can easily stand alone in today’s thrash landscape without sounding trite or a throwback, and we’re challenging the listener not to get too comfortable with one specific feel, tempo or pace.

For a preview of the album, listen the new single, “Raptor”!

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