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Evil King Sign for Elevate Records

by Natas Dog

Evil King is a Greek / Argentine group that plays a power progressive metal with a melodic and epic vein. Their debut feature ‘THE DARK AGE’ is already on the digital platforms and in a few days it will be available on ELEVATE RECORDS in Digipack CD format.

If we had to define the sound of Evil King surely the reference groups could be Kamelot and Iron Maiden, but surely the Greek and Argentine origin of their members is definitely felt in their sound.

Powerful but very melodic songs, overwhelming solos, excellent singing, these are the salient features of Evil King which are certainly a very interesting release for those who love the genre.


Pablo Ruiz Díaz – lead vocals
Rizos Spiros ( Sinner Guard)  – Guitars
Aero Cristian  –  Ddrums
Aristofanis Tzaerlis –  Bass


Daniel Facci (Fuerza Creciente)
Nahuel García Espinosa (Lord Divine)
Vincenzo Turitto.(The Duellist)
Walter Osedin (Sanguinario) 
Santucho Domínguez (Everflow)
Christian Knapp (Hessen)
Ronnie Costa (Revlin Project)
Maximiliano Suarez 

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