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Evil Invaders release special 7’’ vinyl single and new music video!

by Ivona Bogner

Following extensive touring in support of their debut album “Pulses Of Pleasure” (2015) and follow-up EP “In For The Kill”, Evil Invaders went a step further capturing adrenaline and sheer energy on their most recent release Feed Me Violence.

Now they have added the cherry on the top with a very special 2 track 7’’ vinyl release for “Broken Dreams In Isolation”! The B-side is a cover track for “The Unholy” of Savatage! “Broken Dreams In Isolation” is without a doubt the song that stands out the most of Evil Invaders’s entire repertoire so far.

The band gives further insight and explains:

We wanted to release this track as a single a while ago, but since we weren’t entirely satisfied with the overall sound of our latest album “Feed Me Violence” we thought “Broken Dreams In Isolation2 deserved better, so we re-recorded, re-mixed it and had it mastered at Fascination Street Studios (Arch Enemy, Kreator, Behemoth,…) to give the track the sound it deserves. The result definitely took our sound to a higher level and we hope people will really hear the difference between the previous version and the new one.

Apart from the music, the lyrics of this song tell a slightly “deeper” story than most of their lyrics, so the band decided to shoot a special music video for this one. No band performance this time, but some darker stuff with some really cool story lines.

Singer Joe adds:

Coming up with a cool concept was a real challenge, but very exciting to be part of!

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