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Evermore has released a lyric-video for ‘Court of the Tyrant King’

by Metal Jacket

The Evermore debut album came out of the blue in 2021 and immediately left an impressive mark on the worldwide heavy metal scene, thanks to an inspired songwriting and a powerful yet classy performance.

The band favors a bit of a heavier tone compared to many other, more purely power metal-oriented bands, but they have always rooted themselves in strong melodies and catchy riffs.

A lot of Evermore’s sound, lyrics, arrangements and themes are a product of what feeling a particular song gave in the process of its creation. The Swedish trio tends to favor more grounded, serious or contemporary subjects when it comes to lyrical content, even though the classic fantasy-oriented themes are often still present.

The end goal of Evermore is to create music that makes you feel “something”; ‘Court of the Tyrant King’ evokes that sense of empowerment, uplifting mood and motivation that is so strongly associated with the metal genre.

Johan Haraldsson – vocals 
Johan Karlsson – guitar, bass, piano, orchestrations 
Andreas Vikland – drums 

photo credit: Marcus Alfsson/MWC Studios

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