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Nanowar Of Steel @ Fest, Zemun, 1.12.2019

1. December 2019 @ 22:00 - 23:30


If the December cold and the beginning of jovial Christmas festivities is pissing you off, we understand perfectly and offer a distraction. The first day of December will be home for a much worse band which was declared as Italian masters of satire – Nanowar of Steel!

Nanowar is a comedy heavy metal band from Rome, Italy. Their name is a pun on the metal band Manowar, and represents their tendency to satirize True Metal, the primary focus of their music. Their work mainly aims to make humorous references to and jokes about the genre, often parodying the way in which power metal bands are perceived to take themselves very seriously. The 2005 album “Other Bands Play, Nanowar Gay!” was published on Jamendo under the Creative Commons-BY-NC-SA licence.

In 2006 the band changed their name from Nanowar to Nanowar of Steel, as a parody of the Italian power metal band Rhapsody changing their name to Rhapsody of Fire after a legal dispute.

The 2010 album “Into Gay Pride Ride” was published on the same platform under the Creative Commons-BY licence. In April 2012 they released the videoclip for a new single entitled “Giorgio Mastrota”, which reached over 100.000 views on YouTube in just two weeks (currently over two million). The song became extremely popular in Italy, being broadcast by several radio stations and also appearing on national television on several occasions.

In 2013 they started cooperating with Feudalesimo e Liberta’, a well known Italian pseudo-parody political movement which advocates the return of the Empire and Feudal Rights in Europe. They released a music video in August of the same year, which was covered by mainstream newspapers (such as La Repubblica) and echoed through the whole Italian peninsula.

Earlier this year they signed with Napalm Records and released their new song “Norwegian Reggaeton”. The video received 800.000 views on YouTube within the first 5 days, and 2.8 million views within the first month. The group performed the song at Spanish television show Got Talent España, where two of the four judges said “no”; later the band announced their intention to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Finally, the band is coming to Belgrade to introduce the first part of the Balkan Reggaeton tour. Come to club Fest to see what it’s all about, don’t forget to wear a bikini under your regular clothes… Well, you never know!


Klub Fest
Gradski park 2
Zemun, 11080 Serbia