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Death Squad Metal Fest @ Elektropionir, Beograd, Srbija, 16.11.2018

16. November 2018 @ 21:30 - 23:55


Join your forces, Death Squad Metal Fest will be held in Belgrade, Serbia at Elektropionir in November 2018. By now, Slave Pit, Scaffold, Rapidforce and XSUS are announced.

Slave Pit is Macedonian / Bulgarian thrash metal band, founded in 2005 from Ilija Panov (Bass) and Sasko Mojsov (Guitar) young enthusiasts that played different styles such as death,black metal, hardcore, thrash metal. Originally, the band was named Nuclear Blood. The band recorded 2 songs on guitar pro and stopped in a sudden. Guys started paying i 2 different bands, one was Poltergeist, the other was Knights of Honor, so Nuclear Blood stopped with writing and jamming. Than, in 2011, Nuclear Blood started working again as an old school thrash band and from 2011 ’till 2013 they wrote 3 songs as instrumentals without adding lyrics. When Sasko met Marko he decided to invite him in the band as a guest or a bassist, so they started writing lyrics, and the first 2 songs were born (“Artillery Barrage”/ “At War With people”).  Guys changed the band name to Slave Pit. The inspiration came from late legend Dave Brockie (GWAR) (R.I.P.).  And so the band started working and made 5 songs that made the first EP who have the name “At War With People”. Slave Pit had a show at T’k T’ak Fest in honor of a great drummer that played with legends of hard rock and in his project Bagas that i was a part of in 2008. On that festival Slave Pit preformed without a drummer as a duo, and got the third place. In 2014 Slave Pit started working seriously and it had few line up changes. It started as a one-man band and later on with some friends they became a trio (Pece Svekarovski – Sabbath – drums / Marko Nikolovski-bass). After that, Mojsov, as the founder decided to move to Sofia/Bulgaria and made a line up of 5 and had 1 show. Now the band has 2 people, Mojsov and Charles Wayne on drums.

Scaffold is technical old school death thrash Metal band from Belgrade, Serbia, founded in 1992. In the years of decadence, as the song itself would later say, “The Years Of Decadence” arises, currently our oldest active band of extreme musical orientation. Severe and by evil remembered 1993 they released their first demo, “The Truth Is Buried”, tracks with “Memories From The Past” bring together nearly twelve minutes of passion and anger, and later they will be found as “bonus tracks” in the first studio material! Next year, the year of our Lord 1994, in the studio, “Cacadu”, with producer Nebojša Marić Maroni arises a cult edition of “The Other Side Of Reality”. This album, greatest music critics like Bane Lokner classified into something major that has appeared in the Serbian musical heavens in those sad nineties! In the abbreviated Yugoslavia, band performed wherever there was any chance to be playing, often under extreme conditions! Although often performing with guest by various TV and radio stations  such as Politika, Studio B, 3. Kanal and many other private TV Stations occurring at that time, the band was not able to present the idea in the postwar period extinguished, like most giant of Serbian scene (Bloodbath, Necrophobia, Demoniac…). In the middle of the first decade of the new millennium seems to be moving Scaffold by critics stronger than ever! In year of 2009 in the studio “Paradox”  comeback EP “Like Devil in the Church”, with five new tracks, was recorded. Scaffold is the only band in 2010 that appeared more than 40 times, independently, at festivals and of course making wagon “202” so no the hamlet in Serbia where “Scaffold” played!

From bigger and better gigs certainly would mention mini-tour at the Republic of Croatia and the concert in Zagreb, which was the first Underground concert in the Croatian capital, a band from Serbia, and impressions certainly beyond expectations. However, 2015 will be recorded as dominant. With the re-release of debut album and release of unpublished material, the band launched even 5 albums, also performing at several major events. It started in June with appearance in Šabac with the legendary Russian black metal band Satrial, then the Italian mini-tour (Padua and
Trieste) with one of the oldest Italian death metal bands Sepolcral. The story continues with performance at EXIT Festival at opening the so-called Explosive Stage in the company of bands like Napalm Death and Infest. At the end of July the band performed alongside legendary world-known band Cannibal Corpse at the Belgrade Youth Centre, then in September supported of the Norwegian band Guardians of Time also in Belgrade and in December with HotBox from Israel in Subotica and Požarevac. Scaffold also performed at festivals such as Invasion From the East and Necro Neurectomy Fest. In this brief review of the previous more than twenty years, it should be noted that this year Scaffold will enter in the studio to record the crown of his creative work! There will be old songs, new covers and a lot of tracks that have been performed live in concerts, garnered the praise of music critics. It will be the Scaffold’s “Codex Gigas”.

Rapidforce is Serbian thrash metal band formed in 1990. It’s first recordings were taken same year in May, and contain 5 tracks which were later included in the first album. In June, the band begins with gigs, mostly in Serbia and Bosnia. The first album “Apotheosis Of War” was recorded early in 1993, released later that year on vinyl LP and early in 1994 on tape. After the release of this album, the band goes to a mini tour, which included performing at the great “Balkan Horror Opera” festival. Because of bad conditions in the country as well as financial problems, Rapidforce stopped working in 1996. It was only in 2000 that the band made it’s first serious steps, after a series of occasional gigs and member changes. The first important gig was in March 2001, at the “Heavy Metal Festival” in Belgrade. After that, the band made many performances across the country. During 2002 Rapidforce was recording its first promotional CD with 5 songs and a video clip for a song “Hero”. They made bigger public performances at “Exit Festival”, Novi Sad in ’03, ’04 and finally at the new Metal Hammer stage in 2005 and ’06.(with Agnostic front, Madball, Moonspell, Dead Soil…) and in 2003. at the Budapest’s Sziget Festival, in 2004. country’s biggest Belgrade Beer Fest (local Oktoberfest) and between all those happenings there were several gigs in local clubs. Also, Kosta Bogdanović – Guitars and ex-drummer Milan Jejina, played two times with Paul Di’Anno (ex-Iron Maiden singer) in Belgrade and Novi Sad in 2005, as a members of his support band and jamming with Max Cavalera and Dan Lilker (Ex-Anthrax, S.O.D., Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth) on “Exit Festival”, in 2006.

On the 2nd of March 2006, Rapidforce played with Soulfly on their concert in Belgrade’s SKC, but on June 25th 2013 they played the biggest gig of his career so far, and that was before Slayer in the Belgrade Arena. Second album “Burst Under Pressure” was completed in December 2007, and there are many variables of styles on it, incl. an authentic ethnic sounds. In January 2008 Rapidforce signed a contract with Twilight Zone Records. The first album under this label was released in July 2008. Unfortunately, that was the band’s last release.


16. November 2018
21:30 - 23:55
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Cetinjska 15
Beograd, Serbia 11008 Serbia