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EVEN FLOW Release Details, Cover Art for Forthcoming EP

by Vjeran

Italian progressive metal band EVEN FLOW is set to release their newest EP, Mediterraneo. Featuring five epic tracks of power/prog, Mediterraneo showcases the next evolutionary step in EVEN FLOW’s already critically-acclaimed sound. The EP was mixed and mastered by Michele Guaitoli (Visions Of Atlantis, Temperance)

Artwork for Mediterraneo (pictured below) was done by renowned French sci-i/fantasy-inspired artist and musician Mythrid Art (Nightmare, Benighted, et. al.).

Mediterraneo is scheduled for release on October 3. EP tracks “Ocean Lies” and “Ray of Light” are streaming now on Spotify

Ocean Lies
Ray of Light
Revelation Day

EVEN FLOW was formed in the late 90s by brothers Pietro Paolo Lunesu (guitars) and Giorgio Lunesu (drums). The band first started making waves with the 2008 demo Dream Weaver, before gaining international acclaim with their 2011 full-length Ancient Memories. Since then, EVEN FLOW has released two Eps (2013’s Flower Paths and 2019’s Mother), and the widely-acclaimed 2018 full-length Life Has Just Begun.

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