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Equinox to release new album “Slight Change” in July

by Vedrana Dobrić

Belgrade-based progressive metal act Equinox to release their album “Slight Change” on July 3rd. Album will be self-published and available on BandCamp, iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.Equinox drummer Željko Stanisavljević said:

We are overjoyed to say the least by how well everything turned out. We had a privilege to work with some amazing guys, who all share equal part of the credit for just how good the sound is and everyone will get to hear it exactly like that, after July 3rd.

He continues that the recording and production was handled by famous Belgrade-based musician Alek Darson (Organized Chaos, solo projects), and to top it all off, the album cover is also superbly done.

Cover art was done by an amazing female artist from USA, Sachi Mulkey, who also did cover art for bands such as Native Construct and The Reign of Kindo, so she knows this whole prog thing very well!

Equinox are, the aforementioned Željko, Sava Jović (guitar/vocals), Aleksandar Đorđić (guitar) and Danko Radulović (bass) 


Equinox – Slight Change
1. Juris
2. …in the Meaning of Life
3. Table Round
4. Waterflow (Prelude)
5. Needles Your Way
6. Thus
7. Waterflow
8. The Hedgehog’s Dilemma
9. Pocket and the Dissapearing Place

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