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Ensiferum launches new video with fan-submitted content

by Mislav Mihaljević

On July 10th, 2020, Ensiferum will release their new album, “Thalassic”, via Metal Blade Records. For the preview of “Thalassic”, a video for the first single, “Rum, Women, Victory”,  features fan-submitted, sing-a-long content that the band collected after reaching out to their followers about recreating an at-home festival-like experience.

Ensiferum’s bass player Sami Hinkka comments:

Hi folks! So, the video of “Rum, Women, Victory” is here! First of all, we want to thank each and every one who sent their video clip with such a short notice – You guys f***ing rock!
Even though we are not the most hip/state of the art/IT-know-how-expert-band when it comes to creating content, other than music, it was such a great experience to do this video. But absolutely the best thing of this video project was to see how much fun you guys had with the new song and how you all gave 110% for it! We can’t wait to see this energy in the front rows of the future gigs!
Enough talking. We hope you like the video because we love it!”

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