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Eldprov sign with Grind to Death Records!

by Metal Jacket

Eldprov started in 2019 and released their first single “Until Nightfall” which quickly got a lot of listeners and the band even self-released it on a 100 copies cardsleeve cd that garnered a lot of interest in the band instantly. They released a new single titled “Hunt” the year after and already the band knew they got a formula going that was going home, as listeners couldn’t get enough and were screaming for a debut album to come. The time is soon here as Eldprov’s debut album Rift is soon upon us, featuring guest artists such as Heljarmadr (Dark Funeral, Grá, ex-Domgård), Jacob Björnfot (Kvaen), Johannes Axeman (ex- Wolf, ex-Decameron) and more. The album will be released in Q3 2022 on CD format via Grind to Death Records and is sure to come out with a bang.

Jonas Backe comments on signing with Grind to Death Records: “We are thrilled to have Jimmy at Grind to Death Records equip Eldprov with heavy artillery for the upcoming release which we eagerly await”

Eldprov is:
Andreas Zoergel – Vocals
Jonas Backe – Guitars
Simon Henell – Drums

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