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(EchO) share new single My Covenant

by Metal Jacket

Italian Doom Metal group (EchO) share new single “My Covenant”, feat. Heike Langhans (REMINA, Light Field Reverie, ex Draconian).

My Covenant is the first single from our upcoming album “Witnesses”, to be released on November 4th, 2022 via Black Lion Records

Comment from Fabio: “My covenant, my own legacy. One of the lyrics with more explicit references to some personal struggles. When I am not surrounded by friends or people, I’m always a brooding, boring dude. A bit pathetic, but this is how it is. I spent three months alone during the first lockdown, which certainly didn’t make me more outgoing and social.

These words speak for themselves, no further comment is needed and paired with the amazing music written by Simone, everything takes another turn.
Ruthlessness and bitterness are cradled by sweet guitars and synths, except for some moments, where sadness and rage get the better of them.

Lastly, Heike’s voice shifts the balance of emotions. It’s a play between light and darkness, an occasion to trace my memories and inheritance.”

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