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E.N.D. 23.04.2022. @ Skwhat, Sisak

by Lukrecija Mesek

Finally the masks have fallen and we finally have the opportunity to return to the old normal and experience the concerts as they always should have been. Towards the new / old normal, one of the first bands to open the season is no more and no less than the well-known band E.N.D. (Zadar), Evil Never Dies!

Fans in Zagreb, Rijeka and Sisak will be honored with a mini set of concerts, and we are following them in Sisak on April 23. at the Skwhat Club.


On the occasion of the concert, we quickly talked to the band, and we bring you a quick interview:

MJM: Last year you sold Močvara while the “pandemic” was still going on, this year you continued with strong performances in Zadar, Rijeka, Zagreb and now in Sisak, how does it feel to perform this year when the “pandemic” is a thing of the past and when we are back to normal?

E.N.D .: It is certainly a great relief, not only in terms of concerts but also in the quality of everyday life. Finally, we can plan some things that were impossible before, and wake up some plans that we put to sleep when the bans started, which includes some concerts outside of Croatia.


MJM: Can we expect any new material?

E.N.D .: We are working on it. There are several songs waiting in line. As we are a band that likes to repeat material before concerts, we are currently putting aside work on new material, but we are definitely planning a single, EP, album … we’ll see.


MJM: Considering the final easing / abolition of measures, do you plan to go somewhere outside the Croatia?

E.N.D .: Well, I just mentioned before that some concerts outside the Croatia were planned before the bans started, so we plan to start it again soon. We will certainly wait for the situation to fully stabilize so that there are no repeated surprises. All in accordance with the capabilities and friendliness of the promoter.


MJM: We can’t wait to see you in Sisak. Rock on guys!

E.N.D .: Thanks for reporting! This will be a real little blow to the accumulated energy! See you!


We can’t wait for the concert in Sisak and all those who can’t join us at the Skwhat you have the opportunity to hear and experience E.N.D. at:


21.04. Zagreb @ Dva Osam

22.04. Rijeka @ The Beertija

23.04. Sisak @ Skwhat


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