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Dying Grotesque release full length album “Sunflower Tide”

by Vjeran

On 6-th of June 2020 the world observed the full length album of the young Ukrainian Kyivan Death-Doom Metal band Dying Grotesque named “Sunflower Tide”.

Line-up now consists of three combat units – the founder and creative mechanism of the unity – multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Silvan, the guitar mastery Andron and the lord of the drumming set Nordwind.

“Sunflower Tide” keeps it moving towards the direction established on the previous EP release “Creator Plan” and moreover, significantly expands the creative and experimental potential of a young command.

Not to mention a sound of an album would be a sin, as it consists of an explosive and powerful Death Metal of the Swedish old descent, monolithic Death-Doom Metal and Slavic traditional motives with a part of avant-garde experiments born within the depths of Silvan’s unlimited fantasies.

As for the inspiration, of Dying Grotesque’s  creativity, a number of bands were chosen: Grave, Dismember, Autopsy, God Macabre, Authorize, Convulse, Xysma, Bolt Thrower and Edge of Sanity, those, who kept a flag of ruthless and ruining Death Metal for a long time.

With regards to the conceptual part of the new LP, we can only cite the founder’s words:

“The album ideates a mix of absurd and metaphorical nihilism of society to the point where the matter of society itself doesn’t reveal any image, while getting deeper into the roots, when people only started building up their ideology. Various references from Slavic culture motives form the thread of insanity that is not measured as evil, and we can’t call this evil as the superior one.  Solstice of events and a theater of absurdity gives us another turnover and this absurdity and chaos already seems as the dogma and the routine.”

Each and every composition of the album is a separate storyline which you have to sense and comprehend depending on your own view and experience. For instance “Helga” is a story about the Elder Rus queen Olga, “Amanita Muscaria” – is a psychedelic and esoteric mushroom trip kept in some of a better Slavic traditions, “Flax” is all about life cycle of a flax from sprout to a vyshyvanka(Ukrainian traditional embroidered shirt), “Stitched Souls” – is a medieval warfare anthem, “Sunflower Tide” – lunacy saga, written by sunflower morphic aliens, “Mavka” – a fairy tale about one of the most famous creatures from slavic bestiary. Certainly, it might be the most original album’s piece, “Gryts” appears to be the modern redefining of the folk song “Oi, ne khody Hrytsyu” by Marusya Churay, composed in a typical Dying Grotesque style.

“Sunflower Tide” LP is available in a digital format for buying and listening on each and every popular streaming service!

Let yourself dive into the craziness together with Dying Grotesque, take a full breathe of heady slavic air and dance, while your heart is still beating the rhythm and bones have not yet turned ashes to fertilize future generations of sunflowers!

Track list:
1.  Helga
2. Amanita Muscaria
3. Flax
4. Gryts
5. Stitched Souls
6. Sunflower Tide
7.  Mavka
8. Eastern Tale of a Sunflower

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