Home News Double Crush Syndrome frontman Andy Brings about the new album

Double Crush Syndrome frontman Andy Brings about the new album

by Vedrana Dobrić
Double Crush Syndrome

Former Sodom guitarist and current Double Crush Syndrome frontman Andy Brings has checked in with the following update:

Mixing the new Double Crush Syndrome album and recording some very final touch-ups! The idea is to not actually “produce” the album, but to capture who and what we are. But that involves some production again… It’s crazy, but a lot of fun! I’ve recorded and produced so many albums, my own and for others, but this is going to be my finest work so far no matter what others might say! Brutally honest, 100% real, against all trends, and so in your face you might not get it at first! No samples, no plastic amps, no real polishing, and no bullshit! Just a great band! I’m proud already!

Double Crush Syndrome recently released an official video for their song “Gimme Everything”, a live favourite that’s due to appear on their forthcoming album “Still No Future”. Check it out below.

No stupid storyline, no wannabe actors, no fancy video art! Just a band that dies for Rock n’ Roll! Enjoy!

In late 2015, Double Crush syndrome released their single “On Top Of Mount Whateverest”. Check it out below.

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