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DOSGAMOS Release Music Video for “Odyssey”

by Natas Dog

Italy-based Groove Metal band DOSGAMOS has revealed a new music video (and first video in its career) for the song “Odyssey”, taken from the upcoming full-length “Wrapped Renaissance” to be released on December 2.

During its almost 5 minutes of devastation, “Odyssey” showcases what makes the sound of DOSGAMOS so rich and unpredictable. Groovy riffs and raw vocals, mixed with unexpected changes of tempo and psychotic vocals reminiscent of Korn and Slipknot, give us the portrait of a band able to take the groove metal genre out out of the swamp of being the eternal “younger son” of thrash metal, to become something in its own right and surprising.

Wrapped Renaissance” was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Audiocore Studio, while drums were recorded at RecLab Studio. The artwork is by BlacKD Studio.

This is the tracklist of “Wrapped Renaissance”:
1. Frosty Soil (4:55)
2. Heirloom (3:20)
3. Kinda Alien (4:13)
4. Wrapped Renaissance (4:08)
5. Sightseeing (4:29)
6. Odyssey (4:50)
7. Common Excuses (4:18)
8. Schmoozer (4:27)
9. Beware of Me (3:50)

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