Home News Doro to release “Freunde Fürs Leben” as digital single

Doro to release “Freunde Fürs Leben” as digital single

by Ivona Bogner

Here we go! Today, Doro and her band will kick off their big “Forever United, Forever Warriors” world tour in Bremen. To celebrate the occasion, Doro’s record company Nuclear Blast release the song “Freunde Fürs Leben” (meaning: friends for life) as a digital download.

From the song to the tour – Doro explains how it all came about.

On our website, we invited the fans to send us their dream set list for the upcoming tour. In this poll, “Freunde Fürs Leben” landed right at the top

For DORO, this choice wasn’t a surprise:

This song was dedicated to the fans right from the start. It was one of my personal favorites during the production of the new album, and I already knew while singing in the studio that the fans would love “Freunde Fürs Leben” – at least I had hoped for it. 

And so the only German song on Doro’s current, hugely successful album “Forever Warriors, Forever United” will not only celebrate its’ live world premiere at the start of the tour on Friday in Bremen, but will also appear – by Doros special request – on November 16th and at the same time as a single download via Nuclear Blast.

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