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Doro reveals more details about her upcoming double album

by Stanko

Less than 100 days to go until the release of Doro‘s highly anticipated new studio album “Forever Warriors, Forever United”! The metal queen will unleash 25 brand new songs, her first double album ever, upon the music world. But this isn’t simply just a double album: it’s two new Doro records as one, which will be released as premium 2CD set and vinyl formats on August 17, 2018 through Nuclear Blast.

On “Forever Warriors”, Doro channels her inner wild warrior, with tracks like “Bastardos” or the first single “All For Metal” affirming this. Her duet with Amon Amarth’s frontman Johan Hegg “If I Can’t Have You…” is sure to bring any metal head to their knees. This is Doro like you’ve never heard her before!

This double album takes a more sentimental turn, with lyrical topics covering friendship, love and companionship:

We’ve been touring a lot during the last years. We collected a lot of impressions and got to meet many amazing people. That inspired me enormously. The songs and ideas simply bubble out of me. That process didn’t even end while being in the studio. We had 50 song ideas in the beginning which turned into 14 concrete album tracks. Suddenly we had 20 songs, and in the end it was even 24. I also wanted to record “Caruso” in the last recording week.

This unique song writing marathon was based on “Living Life To The Fullest”, Doro’s tribute to the late and great Lemmy, back in January 2016:

I was flying to Lemmy’s funeral when the track’s melody and lyrics suddenly came to mind. Lemmy was always very important to me. Everything went quickly from this point. As soon as a song was constructed, I headed to the studio – between all those shows and tours – to capture the freshness and live energy of the new tracks.

With “Forever Warriors, Forever United”, Doro presents two new records, featuring 19 regular tracks and 6 bonus songs, which include some big surprises: the result is 25 songs in the form of two fantastic albums, showcasing all of Doro’s wonderful and varied facets – another huge chapter added to her long history.

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