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Dopethrone is back on the menu!

by Helen Vučić

‘Tis a great season to be a fan of the stoner things in life. To lighten up one of the more depressive months of the year, Raw Syndicate Booking hooked us up with Canada’s thiccest bassline Dopethrone. The second best thing Quebec ever gave us, after poutine. Get ready to drown in gravy with this Doom/Sludge sensation!

Founded in 2008, they’ve since blessed the low-and-slow crowd with five full length releases. Just as heavy as when they started, now a little more refined and creative.  Their latest album “Transcanadian Anger“ (2018) will lower your blood pressure a little bit, maybe crush your skull if you’re not careful.

On their current tour, they’re sharing the stage with some pretty big names like Orange Goblin and EyeHateGod. However, last time they’ve entertained us in our humble hamlet of Zagreb, there was no warm up gig. We got rawdogged by the murderous force. So, stay tuned and follow the event for more info on tickets and possible support bands!

Mark the date, show your face at Močvara and come eat some riffs with me! (Possible side effects include: dizziness, vomiting, death).

Bon appetit!

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