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Dissorted – The Final Divide

by Natas Dog


Dissorted – The Final Divine

1. Aggressor Protector
2. Deserter Age Of The Wolf
3. Persecutor
4. The Plague
5. Corrosion Of Thoughts
6. Leviathan
7. Bloodshed Divine
8. The Temple
9. Picasso Warhead
10. Black Sea

Label: Black Sunset
Release date: October 25, 2019

More and more bands lately seem to be returning to a native thrash metal sound, known as NWOTM or New Wave of Thrash Metal. Dissorted is definitely one such band. This genre will, I think, be more of a delight to older generations as it developed the most during their youth and must bring back good memories.

Dissorted in its every instance digs deep into the world of thrash metal as it used to be, in a very positive way. Their songs are exactly as the icons of thrash envisioned them. If you intended to be enlightened by Dissorted’s music, introduced to something new and innovative, then this band isn’t for you. If you enjoy classic thrash, the way it was and should be, give this album a listen and check out their 2014. single “I” as well.

The Final Divide” was released in 2019 but the only song revealing the current year is the last one, also the shortest one. The rest are entirely authentic thrash metal and don’t get boring even after a couple of listens. Now, do I enjoy them so much because this is the sound I grew up with? Probably, but no doubt you should make your own judgement of this German thrash gem.

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