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Dire Peril released music video “Always Right Here”

by Ivona Bogner

American sci-fi power metal duo Dire Peril featuring Jason Ashcraft (Helion Prime) and vocalist John Yelland (Judicator) are premiering their new music video “Always Right Here”. The video captures the band in studio recording one of their lighter tracks off their recently released debut album “The Extraterrestrial Compendium”.

Ashcraft states:

We are pleased to release our video for one of the slower tracks of the album. This video, though not as intense as “Blood In The Ice”, was a lot of fun to do. We wanted to keep this one simple and give a more in the studio feel. We captured that really well I think. 

Inspired by all manners of science fiction, Dire Peril’s debut full length “The Extraterrestrial Compendium” bases each one of its 12 songs on classic sci-fi movies including Predator, Total Recall, Starship Troopers, and E.T. and features guest performances by Brittney Slayes (Unleash The Archers) and the mighty Arjen Anthony Luccassen (Ayreon, Star One, The Gentle Storm).

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