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Destruction / Gomorra: Quarantine Story

by Mislav Mihaljević

In Corona Corner, we are asking musicians how the outbreak has effected them, how did they adapt to the situation, what did they learn. In front of German Thrash legends Destruction, and Swiss Heavy Metal attraction Gomorra, their guitar player Damir Eskic speaks about his trials regarding quarantine.

Hi! How are you doing during corona outbreak?

Hi back to you! Great so far. Just at home, but anyway, I’m working online via Skype lessons, and composing some new stuff…

What have you cancelled/postponed due coronavirus?

We have cancelled a lot of shows. This concludes a full tour for Gomorra, and much more tours for Destruction. I hope we will all do them all next year…

How the global coronavirus pandemic is directly impacting bands?

Regarding the situation for Destruction, it’s really hard because 2020 was planned as a busy year for us, so it’s hard when you see how many shows are cancelled, and all the festivals, and tours are cancelled as well… At the end, it is a catastrophe for the band, but we will survive!

How are you keeping your fans during this chaotic period?

Gomorra will release it’s debut album on the 22nd of May, 2020! Destruction will release a new live album on the 18th of July, 2020! Lots of music, and also lots of things are meant to be done for both of the bands. It’s not easy, but we are working, and having a great time anyway!

What will metal look like when we re-emerge from isolation?

Ouu this is a good question… I hope that it will not be “a must” to go to the shows with a mask … I hope, it will all be well at the end.

Who will suffer the most after all: musicians, organizers promoters…

Hmm… Maybe organizers… But I a not quite sure. It’s a hard time for all the humans, so we are not alone… Everybody is in this situation together. Yes, organizers are kinda suffering more than the other ones, but I hope that most of them will survive….

What is your isolation soundtrack?

My isolation sountrack is “Once Upon The Cross” by Deicide.

Besides gigs, what/whom do you miss the most?

I miss closed borders the most! This is a big shit!

Do you have any rehearsals during quarantine? If yes, how do they look like?

We do have rehearshals during quarantine,  but only with one part of the band.. We play many times a week but only the drummer. bass player, and me… So, we are busy in a special way.

Thank you so much for your time, Damir. Stay safe!


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