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Depressed Mode released their long-awaited third album Decade of Silence!

by Vjeran

Finnish symphonic doom/death metal band Depressed Mode released their long-awaited third studio album Decade of Silence via Inverse Records. 

Otto Salonen comments the album release and each track of the album: 

“It felt like forever to get it finished and released, but two and a half years later after I started with composing, it’s out for all of you to hear! I’m f*cking glad it’s finished and out, cause I’ve been living this album for so long now.
Many reviewers and fans has said that they hope the next album won’t take a decade, so I can tell you right now it won’t! I’m already working on new material. And we have a surprise for all of you coming this summer! For the next album it may take a while, but somethings cooking. Writing symphonic metal ain’t so easy.
I hope that we get a chance to play a great live album release show at some point in a nice venue, but no shows has been booked yet. We’ll inform you on social media when something’s up! So make sure you follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts!
1. Death Walks Among Us
– The massive launch of the album, and the long silence of more than a decade ends with death walking among us.
2. Endless November
– Can a month be endless? Well, hell yes it can. In this song, grief and despair can be felt by anyone. The narrator tells of a never-ending sorrow from which there is only one way out.
3. Dissociation of the Extinguished Mind
– When medication or therapy is not enough, the mind can break down into thousands of pieces that may never be collected. Eventually, the listener travels with the narrator to the distant stars.
4. As The Light Dims
For many, the final solution may be the only option, as in this song, where you live for it. The song tells how the light dims, and the shadow of death takes over. There are no friends in this song other than a gloomy night.
5. Parasites of Mind
– Now you get to taste the proper bombardment when the delusions and parasites of the mind are set in motion. This song leaves no one cold, but fires like a machine gun. Decent blast beat to bring extra spice.
6. Kaamos (Land of Winter)
– Mother Nature decides to make an endless winter, which is a relatively familiar concept, especially for us Finns. The narrator treads through the frozen cities and mantles, welcoming the winter.
7. Serpents
– Snakes and other reptiles that crawl on your skin. Or at least that’s how this guy sees and thinks. Painful things to deal with.
8. Eternal Darkness
– When the world sinks into darkness and forests are cut down from the way of the new world order. The song’s awesome vocals by Veronica Bordacchini leave no one cold.
9. Aeternus
– I am nothing, I am nothing. You can look at the world so brightly, but in severe depression, this is absolutely true. The album’s huge closing song with awesome melodies that end like a bang.

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