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DEPLETED URANIUM Unleash Video “Origins”

by Metal Jacket

Depleted Uranium kicked off 2022 with the smashing blunt force trauma known as “Origins”. The album is a fast, aggressive journey with existential lyrics delivered with full-throttle vocals, coupled with technical melodies and harmonies that bring listeners to their bad place. It is meant to obliterate negative energy and make life a better place as everyone has something to scream for or about.

On March 6th of this year, during the end of the Covid lockdowns in Ontario, the band entered their rehearsal space to record a one-take, live-off-the-floor performance of “Origins” from beginning to end. The result is a relentless fury of demon-possessed power, unleashed after years of torment to satisfy the exodus from the hellhound cage. The spoken intro is done by Norbert Suchanek from “The Depleted Uranium Question”.

“”When we decided to record a live performance video of our album Origins (released January 28, 2022), we were still deep in a Covid lockdown. Nowadays, that seems like a distant thing of the past. However back in January 2022, nobody knew when things would actually open up. Even the video recording was delayed due to a member having Covid. The main drive behind the decision to release Origins as a live video performance was due to the lockdown and our urge to perform. As Origins is a prequel album and recorded back in 2010, this video performance is a modern version of the album with a visual representation of the band’s live performance. Alike with the album Origins, this recording was captured in one take, live off the floor with multiple cameras in a controlled environment. We wanted to capture it as raw as possible and to represent our performance aspect as opposed to the production aspect, as we put as much energy into this performance as we do all of our shows. The flame of hope seemed like a distant dream, but now everything is basically back to normal and shows are alive and well. We have been rehearsing for some local shows and working on new material which we hope to have out later this year or early next. We are happy to have the last 2 years behind us and look forward to the next 2 years in front of us!” adds the band.

L-R – Corey (Bass), Nick (Drums), Murray (Guitar, Vocals), Babak (Vocals)
Photo Credit – Heather E. Wilson

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