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Delta Enigma released new video for the song “Unreality”

by Ivona Bogner

An alternative metal band from Kotka, Finland, Delta Enigma, just released new video for the song “Unreality”. The band is working on debut album “Two Shadows” that was planned to be released by the end of the year.

According to the band:

Originally, Vin Valentino is an alter ego that enables him to fulfill his dreams. The man behind all this likes movies, passionately. Roles are better able to channel ideas that you might not otherwise dare to go through. It’s no wonder he is associated with eighty + music videos as a director. Being able to realize thoughts visually is something he wanted to be comfort before starting anything. 

At the age of 17, Vin echoed his thoughts when he gradually met the members of the upcoming band. From that moment began the process that guides us to this day. Vin realized that he couldn’t make this alone – it required troops. The idea of Delta Enigma was born.  However, it took several years before the troops got their final form – as with many other bands.     

Now Vin Valentino has grown to adulthood – so does Delta Enigma. Behind are the days when the wonderment of young men dictates what to do next.  This explains in part why everything has happened with a delay.  

Delta Enigma has been labelled as an interpreter of complicated love. While partially this is still true, the band is a bit more than that. When there are many interests, it is sometimes difficult to lock in the answers. For example, ‘Waterfall’ had been in the box for over two years before it was included in the production. The song, originally composed pop, didn’t seem to fit the band’s style at all. Yet there was a story that needed to be attached with. Vin begin to think as Vin Valentino was supposed to think and hit the song with the character of Delta Enigma.

Delta Enigma was formed back in 2010 and they have already published more than ten singles already. In 2020, they released two singles “Waterfall” and “Unreality”. The last one, more than interesting, you can watch below.

Delta Enigma are:
Vin Valentino – vocalist & synth
Julian Rose – guitarist
Tommy Demon – bassist
Sammy Black – guitarist
Eddie X – drummer

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