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DEIQUISITOR Unleashes Humanoid

by Vjeran

Humanoid, the new EP from Danish death metal trio DEIQUISITOR is now available on CD, digital, vinyl and cassette formats.

DEIQUISITOR attacks your perception of reality on this six-track assault. Humanoid features raw and spiteful productions, and lyrics that portray the state of ignorance in which world leaders have trapped the masses. Fusing old-school death with unearthly aggression, Humanoid is best described with one word – relentless.

“Blending technicality with a raw, primitive style of Death Metal is always going to be a hard balance to achieve, yet one Deiquisitor seem to always nail. The astounding abilities of the whole band are not hard to see yet they impressively conjure these monstrous soundscapes with a feral energy that doesn’t render the music polished or weak-sounding.” – Nattskog’s Blog

Dark Descent Records is handling the digital and CD versions of Humanoid, with vinyl coming courtesy of Extremely Rotten Productions/Night Shroud. Extremely Rotten Productions will also release the EP on cassette.

Stream, download and purchase Humanoid on CD through Dark Descent Records at darkdescentrecords.bandcamp.com/album/humanoid

Vinyl and cassette orders are available at  extremelyrottenprod.storenvy.com

World in Flames
Autonomous Warfare
Below the Frozen Tundra
Empyrean Lifeform
Dictate the Believers
Blinded by Wisdom

DEIQUISITOR was formed in 2013 by drummer Henrik B.C. and guitarist/vocalist Thomas F.J., both members of several Order of the Nonagram bands, including Blodfest and Wolfslair. The duo came together as DEIQUISITOR with the intent of returning to their death metal roots.

DEIQUISITOR plays fast-paced and aggressive death metal, influenced by the sound and style of the early 90’s bands. Lyrically, the band draws heavily from concepts such as occult science, ancient mysteries and apocalyptic theories.

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