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DEFYING PLAGUE launch “Defy The Plague” video

by Vjeran

The lyric video of “Defy The Plague”, the debut single by DEFYING PLAGUE, is available. The song is now streaming on Spotify and on all digital platforms via Ad Noctem Records.

The sound of this newborn war machine has its roots in the European death metal scene of the 90’s, but tends to intertwine pure brutality and darker and more introspective moments. Among the various influences, the band mention acts such as BLODOBATH, DECAPITATED, HATE ETERNAL, ENTOMBED and ANTROPOFAGUS.
The recording sessions took place at the Mk2 recording studio, under the wise guidance of Dave Billia. The artwork is by renowned tattoo artist Fabio Filippone.

For more info on the new release, pre-orders, merchandise, live dates and everything else related to DEFYING PLAGUE, please visit the official web channels:

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