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DEFORMATORY interview: Only those who want true, brutal, relentless death metal are going to seek us out

by Vjeran

When we started Metal Jacket Magazine, we wanted to somehow bring our readers closer to bands that might have a harder time breaking through to listeners in the sea of ​bands and music. Questions answered by: Charlie Leduc (Guitars/Vocals)

To begin with, it would be best if you introduced your band.
Hey, thanks! For the uninitiated, Deformatory is a death metal duo hailing from Canada’s national capital. We’ve been unleashing our brand of maniacal death metal since 2010 and our latest offering ‘Harbinger’ came out on September 13.

Is it hard to keep all the members together since this music has no income?
None of us ever got into playing extreme death metal with the notion that it would be a financially viable endeavour. As such, it’s never been a fundamental reason for members coming or going. Any of the incredibly talented musicians that have joined the Deformatory machine over the years have done so with a passion for creating death metal music that transcends all of the bullshit of daily life.

How do you finance yourself and can you cover the costs of recording, equipment, and concerts with music?
We work in order to fund our passions; bottom line. We invest our own funds into all dimensions of the project and any money that is made from the project goes back into it.

What made you start playing metal music? Who were your role models in the beginning and has that changed over time?
I really got into music when I was 10 years old and was gifted a stereo system with a milk crate full of Black Sabbath & Ozzy vinyl records. I remember throwing ‘Master of Reality’ on, and listening to it over and over and over again in my basement bedroom until I would fall asleep. I couldn’t listen to anything that didn’t ‘sound like that’ from that point on. The next year, I started junior high and had a fantastic music teacher that let me sign out a classical guitar to bring home every day until my parents could afford to get me my own. From Day One, I just wanted to recreate what I was listening to, whether that was Black Sabbath or Cannibal Corpse. I got hooked hard and never wavered since – going on 30+ years – and I honestly can’t even begin to picture what I would be doing without music. I’d probably be rotting in the ground somewhere.

Is it hard to find a publisher or is it better to self-publish considering the internet?
There are pros and cons to working with a publisher and it’s always a subjective take on what works better. Fundamentally, it’s imperative to have a vision for your release and to ensure you don’t compromise on that vision until it’s been realized. Whatever method gets you there is the way to go.

What have you published so far?
We’ve released 2 EPs, 3 singles, and 3 full-length albums, in addition to a full biography series and a host of music videos.

How do you create songs, how do you record them?
We meet every week to rehearse and write in our jam space aptly named ‘The Cell’. We don’t write anything in Guitar Pro or write riffs/songs at home in advance. Every single element is written spontaneously and organically in the rehearsal space, with everyone’s input. We have a full recording set-up that we use for demos. We have been working with Topon Das at Apartment 2 Recording for the last few albums and will continue to do so for finalized creations.

Where do you get inspiration for the lyrics?
The darkest recesses of my twisted mind.

What is your favorite song you’ve made so far and why?
My favorite song is the one we haven’t written yet. I’m always excited at what we’re going to come up with next and that, for me, is what fuels the death metal machine that we have created.

Where can readers listen to you and maybe buy your material?
A good starting point would be to visit: www.deformatory.ca

How do you organize concerts, is it difficult for you, and how many people come to such concerts?
Organizing concerts is an easy endeavor, especially if you live in a city like Ottawa, or Montreal, where there’s easy access to quality venues and where there’s a scene of passionate metal fanatics who are dying to mosh out.

In which countries have you played and where did you have the best time, where is the crowd the craziest?
Canada all the way. You can’t beat True North’s death metal fans.

What do you think about the digital release and is it serious like CD or LP?
Whether we like it or not, there’s an entire generation who only knows digital releases. It’s as important to them as physical releases are to me. Can’t really fault them for being born at a different point in time. Regardless of the medium, the amount of time, energy, and passion that goes into the music itself is still the same.

Was metal music more honest than today?
I don’t really know about that. But, I do know that we definitely have access to more opinions now than ever, especially from people/posers who don’t deserve a platform. It’s just harder these days to sift through the weeds.

How do you comment on this bunch of sub-genres in metal and is it good for metal or is it destroying it?
I’m a bit old school and perhaps, my “boomer” opinions on these things may be classified as offensive. So, I’ll just quote Egon Spengler. “do NOT cross the streams. This can cause a chain reaction, which may lead to total protonic reversal…”

Do you support this commercialization of metal music and how about the wearing of metal t-shirts by some “exposed” people who do not belong to this philosophy of metal music?
I do not support this in any way. It’s an abhorrence.

What would you change in the world of metal and would you like to go back to the time before the internet if you remember it at all?
I wouldn’t change anything at all. I think what’s happening right now in terms of the amount of quality international music that’s available instantaneously is a pretty wild and incredible thing. I wish, in some ways, I was a teen in these times, with the time to listen to all of the music that’s available. For those who have an insatiable thirst for death metal, such as myself, there’s no greater time than now to get into it. However, if I could change 1 thing, it would be to ensure that the backbone we had in our time, remained in today. Unfortunately, there are many spineless forms that lurk about within our scene and it’s degrading the potency of music that demands it, bit by bit.

How important is supporting the local scene and can you single out a band from your area that you would recommend to our readers?
Supporting the “local scene” is important, if you have a local scene. Go to shows. Buy merch. Share new tunes that get pushed out. All of that stuff is helpful in fostering a good scene. However, I am not in favor of just supporting any “local band”. I don’t think that being disingenuous is a particularly helpful way to make your scene stronger. There needs to be standards and integrity.
Currently, the Ottawa death metal scene is pretty weak, to be honest, and aside from DEAMON, I wouldn’t really recommend any local act, especially if you’re into real, aggressive, and brutal death metal.

How do you see this situation in the world and how do you think it will develop? Will they imprison us again, scare us or maybe send us into a big war?
The world will end in the most horrifying and catastrophic manner imaginable. We’re on track to global decimation sooner than we think. The destruction and regeneration of our planet is cyclical and we are nearing the end of its current cycle. Buckle up, fuckers.

Finally, what would you say to our readers and why should they listen to you in the sea of ​​bands that are offered to them every day?
Thanks for not only reading Metal Jacket Magazine but for supporting the true underground scene: bands that do it for nothing but the music that fuels them. We don’t need to convince anyone to listen to us. Those who hath ears to hear, let him hear. We are not here to cast our pearls before swine! Only those who want true, brutal, relentless death metal are going to seek us out and be able to withstand the sonic punishment we are creating. Stay Deformed!

Deformatory.ca | Facebook.com/deformatory | Instagram.com/deformatory | Youtube.com/deformatory | Deformatory.bandcamp.com

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