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Decapitated at Metaljot Raspaljot 2018!

by Vedrana Dobrić
Metaljot Raspaljot 2018

After the series of successful and sold out concerts, named Metaljot Raspaljot, we are glad to announce, that it is time for first open air festival – Metaljot Raspaljot 2018! Festival will take place on idyllic location on municipal courtyard in Laško under the huge tent on 6. July, so the bad weather cannot be excuse.

It is a great honour for us to host the titans of technical death metal Decapitated as a headlining act of this years edition. After more than twenty years of existence, the biggest Slovenian cult black, death and industrial metal band Noctiferia will take place on the stage of our festival. Representatives of raw and brutal thrash metal will this time be Panikk, band from Ljubljana. As far as it concerns for the sensation of the slovenian metal scene, the pagan metal band Valuk will impress us with their dark and obscure presence. Next package of bands will be announced on 20th of May.

Because of your big support through all this years, this year we are offering an extremely low price of festival tickets. The price in pre-sale through On Parole Productions costs only 18€, while the price of tickets on the very day of festival will be 22€. Catch your ticket here!

Decapitated will perform in Croatia and Serbia on their Anticult Balkan Tour. 

Thank you for your support. Let’s make this festival even better! 

Stay turned for more informations!

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