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Deadlines Release Two Lyric Videos Paradise and Fugitive

by Metal Jacket

Belgian metallers Deadlines have released not just one, but two lyric videos from their EP called Human Error. Paradise and Fugitive can perfectly summarize the killer sound of this metalcore concept: Deadlines portray in their music a wide range of musical influences and a huge amount of emotions.

The band sings about issues such as mental health, refugees and global warming, but besides all these issues, they especially want to spread a message of hope and connection with each other.

“Paradise is a song with a positive vibe. We wanted to break from all the misery that filled our EP. All the things that touch us, effect us and make us mad. We wanted to spread a word of optimism! I watched a documentary on Netflix about Paradise birds, which gave me the inspiration to start writing the lyrics of paradise. I was touched by the complexity and beauty of the journey of a Paradise Bird looking for love and affection. I tried to translate it into our personal life and how we act and fight everyday to get what we want!” – says Dimitri.

Compared Paradise, Fugitive is a massive representation of deeper and darker topics, which show up in desperate vocal lines and furious instrumentation.

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