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Dawn Ray’D and False coming to Zagreb’s AKC Attack!

manifest crnila

After a successful collaboration with Subsonic Events in bringing White Ward and Ultha to Močvara, Manifest Crnila decided to surprise us with one more fantasric gig. This time they’re bringing us two talented black metal bands – Dawn Ray’d and False. The black mass will be held at AKC Attack on the 17th of November.

Dawn Ray’D is a fierce and aggressive black metal group from the north of England. They were formed in 2015 from the ashes of a previous post-black metal band We Came Out Like Tigers. In their career they released an EP and 2 full-length albums. They’re visiting to promote the latest album “Behold Sedition Plainsong” released earlier this year.


False is a black metal band from the USA serving many fast beats and high-pitched screams. They are active since 2010 and have released thus far a split, 2 EPs and 2 full-length albums. Also here to promote a fresh record, “Portent” was released this year and it’s a relevant entry in the catalogue of American black metal. They’re signed to Gildead Media, a label which  features some other interesting bands that paid us a visit here in Zagreb, like Imperial Triumphant, Inter Arma and Minsk.

With two promising bands in tow, an exciting evening of black metal is ahead of us. Show your face at AKC Attack and embrace the darkest atmosphere black metal can provide.

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