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Dark Redeemer premiere their debut album Into the Deep Black

by Metal Jacket

Italian Death metallers Dark Redeemer premiere their debut album Into the Deep Black at Death Metal Promotion‘s channel. The album is set for international release on September 24, 2021 via Blasphemous Records. Hear Dark Redeemer‘s Into the Deep Black in its entirety.

Born out of the ashes of the Bergamo (Italy)-based Death Metal band ALEPH (Metal Hammer new Italian band of the year in 2006), DARK REDEEMER will make its debut on September 24th, 2021 with the full length “INTO THE DEEP BLACK”.

An album with 9 old-school sick, dark and violent tracks which will satisfy the fans of Obituary, Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Dismember, early Entombed and Celtic Frost.

The album will be distributed by Sleaszy Music (USA), Code 7 (Europe), Wormhole Death Japan, Fans and Bands (Mexico), Egea Music (Italy) and digitally on all digital music stores. The promotion will be entrusted to Metal Devastation USA, Grand Sounds (Europe) and Mazzarella Press Office (Italy).

01. TMC
02. Swallow the Cross
03. Killing Ritual
04. Christians
05. Into the Deep Black
06. The Zombiemarch
07. Sedibus Indagandis et Causis Morborum
08. Incubation
09. Burn under the Blackened Sky (Valley of Death)

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