Home News Dalmatia’s composer Vice Versa just released new video “Trag”

Dalmatia’s composer Vice Versa just released new video “Trag”

by Vjeran

Dalmatia’s composer, hiding under the pseudonym of Vice Versa, famous for the covers of Dalmatian songs in a new, heavy style, has just released his new music video for the song “Trag“. The song irresistibly resembles old Dalmatian compositions, but wrapped in heavy riffs requires a pointed ear to truly recognize it.

For now it is still unknown which musicians stand behind these songs, and we asked Vice who briefly answered: “Do we listen because of people or because of music?”.

After the release of traditional Dalmatian songs in heavy versions in 2017, Vice continued with his own songs, such as the “Popija bi more”, “Vina vise nema,” “Nepotopiva II”, and is working on his first record that will be released by the end of 2020.

Vice’s opus is certainly different from today’s songs we listen to on the radio and other media on a daily basis, but one thing is certain – Vice Versa is somewhat refreshing on the music scene in Croatia. For more information visit www.viceversa.hr


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