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DAKAR Release New Two-Track EP ‘Over the Line’

by Natas Dog

Alt-rock outfit DAKAR’s newest two-track EP, ‘Over the Line’, is now out on www.dakar.band as well as on all major streaming services. Over the Line’s B-side features the band’s cover of Tom Petty’s “You Wreck Me“. The single release is one of several new songs to drop through the spring in advance of live dates this summer.

David Benfield (Vocals / Rhythm Guitar) stated: “With ‘Over the Line’ we wanted to record an unabashed warning about what happens when corporate stooges are given the keys to the castle. If you follow the trends we’re seeing around the world to their logical conclusion, it ends in police states; plutocracies, oligarchies.”

Renown Filmmaker/Musician Kimmo Kuusniemi adds: “Dakar has good energy that does make your foot start tapping. In this evermore digital over processed world it is great to hear honest old school rock that makes you feel good and smile. It would be cool to see Dakar live on stage!”

‘Over the Line’ is now available on all major streaming platforms:

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