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CRYOPATHIC THANATOLOGY releases their first EP “Untold Stories of the Morgue”

by Lukrecija Mesek

While I’m constantly surrounded with all of the World’s bullshit in the media, I was more than happy when CRYOPATHIC THANATOLOGY  with their EP “Untold Stories of the Morgue” came across my way. A bit of refreshment in these gloomy days.
Cryopathic Thanatology is coming from the heart of Zagreb, bombing us with Death Metal.
They rise above the surface in April 2021.  Let’s see what are they greeting us with.

Upon first time I played “Untold Stories of the Morgue” I got that sinister vibe. Very dark, very disturbing, something kinda usual for Death Metal. It felt like beautiful symphony of death.

EP is full with amazing riffs, each one better than the last one. Very heavy sound mixed with powerful growl. Even though, personally, I don’t like the color of the voice, I still think it fits beautifully into the whole mix.

Since this is just their Debut EP, I’m really curious what they will bring to the table over the time. The bar is set really high with this EP.

Today I think is hard to find quality music, so I really appreciate these times that I stumble upon something really good. I’m definitely putting this album to my personal collection. Stay heavy guys, and hopefully we’ll see you play live as soon as this Corona Sh*t is over. Rock on!


Track listing:

  1. Stare of the Deadlights
  2. Process of Extinction
  3. Desecration of Heavens
  4. Stream of Acheron


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