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Cryogenic Implosion confirmed BelgraDeath Fest!

by Ivona Bogner
By now you have realized, Monday is reserved for the news from BelgraDeath Fest team.
Within the list of bands who contacted us for a playing spot on Belgradeath Fest one of them really stood out — Ukrainian death metallers Cryogenic Implosion. They play awesome, mid-paced death metal influenced by old-school Decapitated, that’s becoming a little more dissonant on their new release, reminding of the great, game-changing works of Gorguts and Ulcerate. The band started in 2007 and so far they have one full-length album, a couple of demos and singles, and all the headbangers that dare to visit Belgradeath Fest vol. II will be treated to their new material. This is a performance you really don’t want to miss.
Cryogenic Implosion was formed in the winter 2007, in Chernovtsy, Ukraine. The guitarist/vocalist of the band Kadaamp, in the past – the participant of Black Metal project Bastion of Darkness with pleasure has accepted a post of the guitarist/vocalist. After a while there were thought up the name of the project – Cryogenic Implosion. The musical orientation of band is based on technical, mid tempo Death Metal with melodic parts and rich deep growl. The lyrics are affected by the degradation of a modern society, absolute and literal perception of the information submitted mass-media.
“New World, the new religion, new laws being” – is the slogan on which the band draws their attention.
The band played the first show in 2008 sharing the stage with: Semargl, Mortuary, Sinah etc. The first demo “The Demons Come Again” was recorded in September 2008 in  BlackLight Studio, Kiev, Ukraine. After fairly high ratings for demo as printed publications as well as fans, Cryogenic Implosion decided to start working on new material.
Further … Shows, shows and once again shows. The band shares the stage with: Semargl, Hell: On, Draco Hypnalis, Fragile Art, I Divine, Sinful, Stillborn, Nabaath etc. Demo-album “The Demons Come Again” was distributed through the French underground label Nihilistic Holocaust. Two compositions of Cryogenic Implosion were included to Highlights Records compilation (Ar) which was released in mid-November, 2009. During this period the new member “Basher” comes to the band. In September 2010 Cryogenic Implosion recorded debut full-length album “Creation of the New World” – at Kiev BlackLight Studio led by its owner, a hundred percenter Mr. Shaddar. Soon after the record another line-up change takes place: bassist Lem8r leaves the band right after that the old friend of the band and the excellent musician “Heretic” occupies this position. In 2011, the band recorded a new album “Creation of the new world” and signed a contract with Metal Scrap Records.2013 brought “Die&Fall” single.

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