Home News Crossover legends Ratos De Porao from Brazil are coming Zagreb supported with Chilean thrash metalers Nuclear!

Crossover legends Ratos De Porao from Brazil are coming Zagreb supported with Chilean thrash metalers Nuclear!

by Ivona Bogner

Crossover legends Ratos De Porao from Brazil are coming to Boogaloo, Zagreb on September 24 with Chilean thrash metalers Nuclear

Brazilian crossover legends Ratos De Porao, a band who became and remained an inspiration to many metal, punk and hardcore bands is returning to Zagreb, this time as a part of their newest European tour. The concert will be held in Tuesday 24th of September in popular Boogaloo Club in Zagreb.

Ratos De Porao were founded in 1981 in Sao Paulo in Brazil, where they were a part of the punk scene at that time with bands such as Colera, Olho Seco, Armageddon, Inocentes, Garotos Podres, Lobotomia… 

In 1983 Ratos De Porao released their debut album “Crucificados Pelo Sistema”, which is the first hardcore punk album recorded in South America and is famed as a classic of that scene. Ratos De Porao are one of the rare bands, who after almost 40 years of career are still active. They recorded over 10 albums and played a huge amount of tours across South America and Europe. Because of their crossover style, Ratos De Porao influenced many genres, so many punk, hardcore and metal bands cite them as an influence. 

Ratos De Porao in their long career have actively shaken the scene and always held on to their uncompromisingly rebellious attitudes and cultivated a unique crossover sound whose power has not declined to this day and whose quality many had sworn to, including the cult Sepultura, whose members formed their band closely tied to the fascination they had for Ratos de Porao.  

Ratos De Porao will bring the increasingly popular thrash metal band Nuclear from Chile as special guests on this tour, who with their dynamic and direct style have attracted a lot of attention from both fans and media. Their latest studio album, “Formula of Anarchy,” released by Candlelight Records, has received a lot of great reviews around the world.

Hardcore legends Deafness by Noise from Samobor will play as a local support. They were founded in 1991. Five years later, they release their first studio album “Never Give Up The Struggle”. Today, Deafness by Noise release albums for international labels, play tours across Europe and they were also great worshipers of Ratos De Porao. The opening act will be young hardcore punk forces from Zagreb CC, who have a female vocalist. Up to this point, they released an EP, “Wasteland”, and an album, “Prisoner of State”.

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