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Crisix shot a mini-movie for The Pizza EP

by Metal Jacket

Crisix shot a mini-movie for The Pizza EP. Every song from the EP got its own video. Directed by singer Juli Bazooka. All are connected, based on a true story and experiences of Crisix’s guitarist BB Plaza.

With special premieres in cinemas in Madrid and Barcelona, Crisix offered a unique spectacle that included a 30 minute stand-up comedy show with band members. On same days they launched the first licensed pizzas with Catalan Pizza restaurant chain store Can Pizza and Madrid’s Cuervo Pizza.

Crisix offer a delicious visual 4 meals course full of entertaining details where you can taste the entire EP in one seating,

‘No tip for a kid’ speaks about BB’s days as a pizza deliverer. It was the job that got him through at the beginning of the band. Any worker will relate to its message and the feelings expressed in it. The musically technical and lyrically entertaining song became the band’s new live hit as it involves Pizza delivery motorcycle on stage. A homage to Judas Priest Crisix style.

‘World needs mosh’ delivers crushing full speed riffs with more crushing passages that will bring back the pit even in restriction times. It is not just a song title in these times. New thrash inspirational hymn that expresses the love for the bond in the pit.

‘Raptors in the kitchen’ is a fast-paced explosion about fear for the raptors. Juli Bazooka’s personal tribute to classic Jurassic park film in audio and video form. Less than a minute song that you will want to watch again and again.

It’s tough to cook a song is a real bay area type of cook’n’mosh song that once again shows Crisix’s exceptional ability to transmit their positive thrash into people’s hearts. It is a recipe for how to cook a perfect song and our tastebuds confirm it is thrashly baked and delicious.

The Pizza EP will be released on 10th September via Listenable records.

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