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Credic Signs with Black Lion New Album 2022

by Vjeran

Credic is a five-piece melodic death metal juggernaut from Stuttgart that sounds like the early Gothenburg scene taking a stroll through the sonic netherworld of “Stranger Things”, the band was brought to our attention from our promotional department All- Noire and we instantly felt that this was something very fitting both musical style wise but also story wise. 
So its with great pride we welcome them into Black Lion Records.!” Black Lion Records.

Credic’s sound is perhaps best linked to bands such as Amorphist, Dark Tranquility but the band takes things much deeper path. Imagine a cross between Gothenburg metal and the score to “Stranger Things”, sounds like a massive, zeitgeisty metal album taking a stroll through Hawkins, Indiana. 

Credic had this to say: “We’re more than stoked to reveal that a new era in our career begins. Inspired by the sounds from Gothenburg in our early days we come full circle back to Sweden where we found the home for our upcoming album. We cannot imagine a better place to unleash this beast and put all our trust in the hands of the mighty Black Lion Records.”

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