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Concert Review: NERVOSA + BURNING WITCHES + Support SystemHouse33

by Kathrin Franke-Mois

Finally, concerts are starting again in Bavaria. After a seemingly endless break, you can sing, dance and rock again. On 05.04.2022 Burning Witches, Nervosa and SystemHouse33 were guests at Backstage Munich. Concentrated female power is the order of the day.

The ladies were supported by Systemhouse 33 who made their way from Mumbai/Bombay to Munich to present us their very own mixture of Death and Thrash.

Performing on more than 30 dates in several European cities, Systemhouse33’s founder and frontman Samron Jude also brings in a different line-up this time for the tour. The band’s touring lineup has sometimes changed due to the availability of members and they’re now completed by guitarist Gilroy Fernandes (from erstwhile thrash veterans Sceptre), drummer Nishant Hagjer (previously part of New Delhi metallers Undying Inc and Nepal act Underside) and U.K.-based bassist Maria Kosma. The band, even though it’s not the original line up, really puts their foot down to get the crowd fired up. Samron Jude shrieks and grunts the band’s instruments weave in well and all together lead through the program with gusto. Songs like “Rupture”, “Thief In The Night” or “Lake Of Sorrow” all bang along properly, provided with deeply political lyrics that denounce injustice and inequality in society.

Nervosa are eagerly awaited as the crowd immediately roars as the lights go down. For many, it’s the first time they’ve seen Nervosa’s new line up live. So also for me and I can tell you, the four ladies are a blast. With “Kings of Domination” the band from Sao Paulo gets into their powerful Thrash. Shouter Diva Satanica (also known from the band Bloodhunter) attracts all eyes and shows breathtaking growls and shouts. With “People of the Abyss”, “Genocidal Command” and “Death!” the hall is really boiling. The people from Munich haven’t forgotten how to make party, because soon a mosh pit is conjured up to “Into Moshpit”, which animates Nervosa all the more to deliver a motivated performance. The atmosphere is fantastic and you can feel how fans and band are almost starved after two years of standstill. That’s why Nervosa hit you right away with “Kill the Silence”, “Perpetual Chaos” and “Blood Eagle”. The four ladies really tear the place down and end the evening with “Masked Betrayer”, “Rebel Soul”, “Guided by Evil” and “Under Ruins”. In my opinion the line up change was very good. Diva is an eyecatcher and vocally a pleasure. It was a pleasure to watch the band and each of the girls had a lot of fun to be on stage again. A successful performance.

After a short changeover break, the intro “Winter’s Wrath” started right away. The ladies of Burning Witches around band founder Romana Kalkuhl on the guitar start with “Executed” full of joy into the set. Also here you can see that the girls are eager for the live shows, because the atmosphere is great and singer Laura Guldemond has a smile on her lips the whole show.

With “Wings Of Steel”, “Sea of Lies”, “Flight of the Valkyries” it goes on, the ladies convince with good mood and stage presence. With “We Stand As One” you are encouraged to sing along and with “The Witch of the North” they try a Wall of Death. The evening comes to an end, because the setlist of Burning Witches is quite short but still not less fun. Still “Hexenhammer” and “Black Widow” follow, whereby singer Laura Guldemond already wants to leave. After a short look at the setlist the evening is finished with “Burning Witches”. An evening that was great fun and transported good mood into the hearts. Finally life starts again.


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