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Concert Review: Dynazty / Sirenia / Surma / Holy Mother @ Backstage – München

by Kathrin Franke-Mois

After the terrific concert of Nervosa and Burning Witches, it went on with Dynazty on 07.04.2022 to present the still current and the upcoming album at the same time after the live break caused by the pandemic. Joining the band were symphonic metallers Sirenia, newcomers Surma and New York’s Holy Mother.

After a small delay at the entrance, as the sound in the hall was still being diligently checked, we were allowed to enter the holy hall. Right at the beginning the location is well filled and full of good mood. Quickly after the entrance it starts, and Holy Mother gives full throttle. Face This Burn, Criminal Afterlife and Today are blasted at us. The band from New York already has the hall under control after three songs. But the crowd really goes wild during the DIO cover “Holy Diver” and is now warmed up for Sirenia and Dynazty. Live To Die, No Death Reborn, The River, Wake Up America and Toxic Rain follow. Holy Mother brings modern, driving bang-your-head rock to the audience. The band’s energetic performances have the crowd screaming for more with fists raised. The combo has their fans moshing, singing, and rocking from the first note to the last. A rousing performance that makes you look forward to the rest of the evening.

The atmosphere is heated up and relaxed, the crowd is in a good mood and on stage they are busy rebuilding. The planned 20 minutes turn into a 40-minute break. Stage technicians run stressed through the crowd. The fans are getting restless. That doesn’t bode well. There must be technical problems: We hear Surma singer Viktorie Surmová complaining about static noise. When even after more than an hour the technique doesn’t want to cooperate, the frontwoman enters the stage and explains the dilemma: the show must go on, but this evening unfortunately without Surma, who wanted to celebrate the kick-off of their first tour here. The crowd gives understanding noises as well as a round of applause. The band surely imagined the tour start differently. I was also looking forward to it. But the show must go on, as you know.

Almost one and a half hours pass until Sirenia enters the stage. The band always brings a good mood and it’s a lot of fun to watch the combo. It is noticeable that Sirenia performs without a bass player, all bass parts come from the tape. Too bad. For the first time on this tour the band presents the songs of their album “Riddles, Ruins & Revelations”, released in 2021. After the intro, the opener “Addiction No.1” makes the beginning. Dim Days Of Dolor, Towards an Early Grave, Lost in Life and Treasure n’ Treason follow. There is clapping and you can see hair flying. The mood is exuberant, and the long waiting time is already forgotten. The show continues with The Last Call, Into The Night, In Styx Embrace and This Curse Of Mine. Also, here you can see how the band missed being on stage. For Sirenia it’s been 3 years, says frontwoman Emanuelle Zoldan. You can see the joy in everyone’s face. At the end My Mind’s Eye, The Other Side and The Path To Decay follow. The bouncer is the French-language cover “Voyage Voyage” (DESIRELESS). With the choice, the Norwegian-French band finally proves a good hand, because the song naturally fits Emmanuelle like a glove due to her French mother tongue. The pop classic from 1987 thus gets a very special touch with hard guitars and keyboards from the band – successful ending.

The hall fills up from one second to the next when Dynazty starts. You are literally swept away by a whirlwind, so wildly the band went off on stage right to the first songs. In The Arms Of A Devil, Firesign, The Grey / The Black, Paradise Of The Architect and Threading The Needle. Dynazty really sprays fire into the crowd and have a lot of fun together on stage. The Swedes tear the hall and bring the air to boil. The program continued with Advent and the drum solo of Georg Härnsten Egg. Great I found that each band member had his time in the spotlight and not everything focused on Nils Molin. The audience, meanwhile, is in a good mood and a wonderful magical atmosphere hover over the band and the audience. Even more magic comes up with the following songs. Power Of Will, Yours, Highway Star (DEEP PURPLE cover) and Waterfall. In between, the one or other beer is destroyed on stage, which guitarist Love Magnusson shows us. The last songs come out of the speakers with Presence Of Mind, Heartless Madness and Raise Your Hands. Nils was fantastic in voice and played skillfully with the audience. The fans went wild and of course the band didn’t miss the chance to play the two songs “The Human Paradox” and “Titanic Mass” as an encore and formed the perfect ending.

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