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Conception release official music video for ‘No Rewind’

by Vjeran

Conception release a brand new video for their track ‘No Rewind’ on 21st May. Both song and video alike take their inspiration from the environmental issues currently facing the wider world, with the latter being shot in the respective regions in which each band member lives.

The stimulus for the lyrics was actually Greta Thunberg’s infamous climate plea to world leaders, a theme which is extrapolated throughout the video. As lead vocalist Roy Khan states, ‘This was an issue we felt we had to add our voice to; for example the woods that form the backdrop to my scenes are already in a state of pollution-derived terminal decline. By highlighting this magnificent natural beauty, we hope to empower others to help preserve it for all generations to come.’

The beauty of the scenery (not to mention the band shooting some scenes in temperatures lower than 20 degrees below zero!) serves as a reminder as to our obligation both to respect our planet, and to act decisively now before it is too late.

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