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Colombian Band Desvirtual releases new Single

by Natas Dog

Colombian rock band “Desvirtual” strikes back with a stronger heavy sound. After releasing his previous EP in 2020 titled “Sobre el Filo” and being selected winners for a mix by the renowned producer “Tweety Gonzalez” (Fito Paez, Cerati) on one of his production and mixing Masterclasses; they are now releasing his new single titled “Cuando no Alcanza el Dolor”.

This new track comes with new and very important participations such as Colombian singer Jorge Fresquet, from the legendary band Krönös. It was also co-produced alongside Mr. Robert Srzednicki (Serakos Studio), renowned polish sound engineer and producer noted in the Prog scenario by his contributions with band such as Riverside and Lunatic Soul.

“Cuando no Alcanza el Dolor” portraits invizibility to homeless people, refugees, and people in general who have been turned into ghost for our society.

New single was released on November 19th and it’s available on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and all digital platforms. You can follow the band on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) as “desvirtualbanda”.

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