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Clutch canceled show after singer passed out

by Vedrana Dobrić

Unfortunately, stoner rockers Clutch were forced to cancel their October 27th show at Irving Plaza in New York after frontman Neil Fallon mysteriously passed out while taking a walk. However, all other scheduled shows will resume as planned.

Neil Fallon later explained via Twitter:

I took a header on the sidewalk. Was taken to the ER. Thankfully, both the EKG and CAT scan came back normal. I was diagnosed with something called “Near-Syncope”, which, as far as I can tell, is the medical term for “We have no idea why you passed out, but ya did”.

Apologies to all the folks who made plans to come to the show but the doc says no. Believe me, no one is more pissed about this than I. We’ll be on tour for quite some time in 2019 and we’ll certainly try to get an Irving Plaza date in there.

One last note, the EMT, Paul, is a huge Clutch fan. It was good to meet you, Paul. You’re on the guest list for life. Thank you.

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