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CELTIC HILLS’ Jonathan Vanderbilt And NOAGE’s First Collaboration Single ‘Surrender’

by Natas Dog

Italian legendary Speed/thrash metallers CELTIC HILLS‘ Jonathan Vanderbilt and Germana Noage teamed up for NOAGE’s new album on Elevate Records, the first single ‘Surrender’ was released November 19th, on all digital platforms! The first video will also be out soon.

The collaboration between the two artists began when Germana Noage sang as a guest on the record of Celtic Hills. 

Intense period for the leader of Celtic Hills, Jonathan Vanderbilt, who wrote the songs both for NOAGE and CELTIC HILLS. In fact, in a few months the follow up of the successful album “Mystai Keltoy” will be released. The new studio work of Celtic Hills (album still produced by Michele Guaitoli, singer of Vision of Atlantis and Temperance) will see the participation as singer of the drummer Simone Cescutti who, after this work will give himself to a career as a singer and guitarist and who greets the fans of the band singing a song! 

Earlier Jonathan revealed on the upcoming album: “Again this time we will talk about Friuli, and the theory is at work that the location of the American Air Force Base Aviano is used to control an ancient access to the underground world, which has been used by the pagan gods since ancient times. The magical rites of the inhabitants of the mountains and the places where elves, fairies and gnomes once lived among the people are revealed. There are already definitive titles such as The Sound of the Earth in F sharp minor. A text tells how you can use the beneficial energy of the trees at dawn to strengthen your energies, but there will be no lack of historical events that accompany every CELTIC HILLS album.”

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