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Carmilla release new single “Hear My Voice”

by Metal Jacket

“After a summer with several successful single releases, we are back in the studio and announce that a single are ready to continue the summer success.

Hear My Voice with release date 14th of October. It’s a highly intensive song with the music roots in the style of Meshuggah and Lamb of God but with a clear Carmilla DNA and a modern touch. For the first time Alena sings in Russian and the title will say a lot of what she feels about the land she decided to leave for a life in Sweden. The music is playful, rhythmic and fast. With its easy-listening vocal and high-speed complicated rhythm, we are super excited to hear our listener’s reactions.”

This single was recorded by Ronny Hemlin at the Claustrofobic Studio.

Alena Yashkina – vocal
Felix Björklund – bass
Daniel Karlsson – guitar
Felix Forsberg – drums
Håkan Ålander – guitar

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