Home News Candlemass performs “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” at Metalitalia.com Fest 2018!

Candlemass performs “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” at Metalitalia.com Fest 2018!

by Ivona Bogner

The Metalitalia.com Festival team and all their patrons are looking forward to a very special Candlemass set!

Candlemass have reunited with singer Johan Langquist, who performed on the band’s 1986 debut album “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus”. Johan is back after a 32 year hiatus replacing Mats Levén who’s been with the band since 2012.

The band stated:

We wanted to find our way back to the roots of Candlemass, back to the soul and essence of the band. Johan Langquist is back and we hope this will give us some new energy and kickstart the heart of doom again. We don’t know if it will last 10 more years or even 5, but if it will give us just another year of having fun and playing the music that we love so much, it will be a blast! The circle is closed, Johan is back!

The band states:

For the upcoming Candlemass shows at Southern Discomfort (September 8th), Milano (September 16th), Switzerland (September 23rd) and Bukarest (October 20th), Johan Langquist will take care of the vocal duties. The material will of course lean more towards Epicus Doomicus Metallicus + some immortal classics from the C-mass back catalogue. On the bass front Per Wiberg will play these shows instead of Leif, but Mr. Edling will be back in the band next year and deliver doom and thunder on live stages near and far away.

Metalitalia.com, Eagle Booking Live Promotion and Vertigo are proud to finally present you the program for this year’s Metalitalia.com Festival.

Once again the main event will take place over two days: on Saturday, September 15 and Sunday, September 16. For the first time in our history a warm-up party has also been scheduled. The pre-festival show will take place on Friday, September 14!

Metalitalia.com Festival continues to strive forward bringing the biggest bands in the world to the Live Club in Trezzo sull’Adda (Milan) while giving emerging bands the chance to support such bands and progress forward keeping the scene thriving!

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